ya win some and ya lose some

while i have been visiting the local farmers market, it has yet to be a really abundant shop since its so early in the season still (not complaining, it has all been delicious and i had fresh asparagus this past weekend and my god was it heaven) but i haven’t taken pictures because it would be just a few peppers and a few cucumbers… so i’m waiting for a better haul to photograph and talk about in depth. also i just need to start getting better at taking pictures of things i do because i always forget until after its too late.

luckily i didn’t forget to photograph these two new things i tried though. one was hilarious and awful. one was the best thing i’ve ever done for myself.

let’s start with the worst. since i’ve moved back to my dads house i’ve been using his dish washer tabs until they were done and then was going to either make my own or buy some less synthetic/more natural ones. we ran out last week, and i decided to try to make my own first (the more cost effective method of the two). i found a recipe on pinterest that only called for three ingredients! baking soda, citric acid, and a bit of dish soap. wow so easy!

foaming nightmare
dishwasher tab fail

it was a nightmare. the bubbles wouldn’t stop forming, the powder kept disappearing into the bubbles and i was left with a bit foaming mess that would not pack into the ice cube trays i was hoping to use as molds. disastrous. but at least i tried right, haha. i ended  up finding these “bio-vert” dish tabs that come in a recyclable box and water-soluble “plastic” packaging that goes into the dishwasher also so still 100% zero waste, except they cost about 3$ a tab… which is expensive, i think. but for now until i can either experiment better or find a cheaper still zero-waste alternative, i’ll stick with them. (they work o-k, not great, but not horrible.)

however… with every great mistake there follows a great triumph. and this bread is a damn great triumph. i also found the recipe on pinterest, and it was called “life-changing loaf of bread”. (note: when i first looked at this recipe through pinterest one of the comments linked the original posting of the recipe, which had a few more modifications available as i can’t eat oats i had to find a substitute for them, which the other webpage had. i cannot find that link anymore though but if you too need to substitute oats quinoa flakes are the way to go!) the first time i baked it i made it savoury (i was really craving everything bagels…) with garlic, oregano, basil, and some black pepper.

bread basic ingredients
bread basic ingredients in mostly zero waste form
bread, soaking
savoury bread, soaking, pre-bake
bread, mid-bake
savoury bread, mid-bake, transferred to the baking sheet (without the use of silicone pan)
savoury bread lunch
savoury bread with homemade fresh hummus!

the second time i made it sweet, with cinnamon, clove, and raisins. both times it’s been the highlight of my day.

sweet bread basic ingredients
sweet bread, basic ingredients
sweet bread
sweet bread, all done, and already being eaten 🙂

i either have it for breakfast, or as a side for lunch (some days both…) and it is just divine. it’s gluten free, high fibre, and high protein (i think, i don’t know how to count macros but it seems high protein in my books). i highly recommend it. it’s also almost entirely zero-waste if you bulk shop with your own bags/containers (which i did for everything except for the almonds, the coconut oil, and the maple syrup). also i should note that i did not go buy a silicone baking pan for it, which i debated, but figured i had a glass pan that is equipped with a lid (saving any reason to need a bag) and i manage to jimmy the loaf out mid bake to lay onto a baking sheet to finish in the oven. it probably is a bit more ugly than the ease of a silicone pan, but i didn’t feel right buying a whole new pan when i had a perfectly good one at home.

keep experimenting, keep being weird, keep living your best life, keep loving the land, and keep your head up to say hello to the world around you. 🙂


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